size guide

Some size specifications have been changed from November 2022 arrival.

Some sizes will be changed by about 1-4 cm from the old model.

The new and old models will be mixed for a while until the stock replacement is completed.

Thank you for your understanding. old size chart

Brott Size Chart

To find out what size your pet needs and a comfortable fit, measure around their neck with a soft measuring tape.

Please choose a size that fits about 2 fingers.

We recommend comparing your measurements to the size guide chart and sizing up if the length is close to the maximum size on the size guide chart, especially if your pet is still growing.

  1. There is a possibility of 3-5% error due to handcraft.
  2. Thick fabrics such as Guell, Miramar, and Velvet may shrink slightly, so there may be errors.
  3. Due to the use of aluminum fittings, it may feel a little heavier than plastic pet supplies. Please check the size chart for each weight.

martingale color system

Martingale collars conform to the anatomy of breeds that have the same neck and head diameter.

Some breeds, such as greyhounds and whippets, have wider heads than necks, so regular collars may come loose more easily.

The martingale collar tightens the martingale collar when the dog pulls on the leash, preventing it from coming off in dangerous situations.

It will be used in the same way as the half choke type.

For size selection, please measure the circumference of the neck just behind the ear and around the middle of the part where the collar is normally worn.

Dog breeds other than greyhounds can be used without problems.

In that case, the collar will be put in from the head, so please consider the neck size and head size when choosing the size. It is recommended that you choose a slightly larger size so that you can use it comfortably.

The wide collar makes it difficult to put a burden on the dog's bronchi, the wide design makes it easy to see, and the half choke type is useful for training, so it is very popular with other dog breeds.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us .