To all dog lovers

I want to choose a design that matches the individuality of my dog, just like people choose clothes.

Easy-to-use and exciting " One and only. "

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We dress our attitudes, not our pets.

We deliver high-quality pet supplies from Barcelona, Spain, with art and beautiful streets.

"Brott" is not just a dog accessory brand, but a brand that proposes lifestyle itself with high design.


The martingale collar can be put in from the head, so you can quickly and easily put it on and go for a walk without waiting for your dog.

The wide width makes it difficult for the collar to come off, so you can use it with confidence. Recommended for dog breeds other than sighthounds.


The new colors use eco-friendly recycled materials.

Brott does not mass produce or hold a lot of inventory.

The Japanese online store respects the policy and does not have a lot of inventory. Depending on the product size, we may be out of stock or backordered, but we appreciate your understanding.

What's Brott?

modern & cool

Brott creates products for stylish dogs, creating modern, comfortable and easy-to-wear dog collars that are always uniquely styled.

Every year, we introduce a new color collection that fuses with the latest trends of international fashion weeks.

high safety

All collections are handcrafted with the highest quality materials, from fabrics, high-strength yarns and silky nylon to patented aluminum hardware, with meticulous attention to detail.

The martingale collar is designed to prevent escape, improving fit and safety.

Guaranteed highest quality

Brott cherishes the handmade culture in human resources away from the wave of industrialization.

All fabrics are washed, dried and ironed in the workshop.

It is the only way to achieve reliable products.

Lead Pink Paisley (LIRIS)
From $36.00 - $49.00

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Brott collection

Customized service

If you don't have a size that fits your dog, we offer a customization service at a local manufacturer in Spain.

We will listen to you and make it with the best size. Please feel free to contact us.


Because you are an important family member, I want you to wear Brott that is carefully made.

We have a wide variety of designs for collars, leads, and harnesses. Want to find a design that fits your personality?