Product care

Are collars and leashes washable?

Hand wash is possible when you are concerned about dirt.

Is it waterproof?

Although it is not water-repellent, it can be used in the rain or playing in the river.

Should I use detergent?

Using detergents with environmental labeling (green purchasing) helps the environment.

Can I use bleach?

If you want to keep the color, do not use bleach on the product.

Hand wash recommended

Before washing the collar or leash, dissolve the detergent first. Wash them separately from other clothes, as the water can color them.

washing temperature

30°C is the limit temperature . Be careful not to expose the fabric or ribbon to other temperatures, as this may cause the fabric and ribbon to fade.

What are the drying methods?

Avoid tumble drying, keep products out of direct sunlight, and dry in the shade to prevent fading.

Can I iron it?

Most of the products do not support ironing.

−Care for each fabric−


It will shrink if washed too hot. If it is colored, please wash it separately at first. Flexible and highly resistant.

grosgrain or taffeta

It has a smooth color. Although they are very resistant. Be careful of static electricity.

polyester or nylon

Sensitive to heat, it should be washed with warm water. They are very resistant, slightly wrinkled and colored. Be careful of static electricity.