About Brott Barcelona

Brott Barcelona handles dog collars, leads, harnesses, and martingale collars (half choke type) made in Spain.


We dress our attitudes, not our pets.

We deliver high-quality pet supplies from Barcelona, ​​Spain, with art and beautiful streets.

"Brott" is not just a dog accessory brand, but a brand that proposes lifestyle itself with high design.

Because you are an important family member, I want you to wear Brott that is carefully made.

We offer a wide variety of collars, leads, harnesses, and other designs that match your dog's individuality.

  • high quality materials
  • Design that incorporates the latest trends
  • handmade
  • Wide range of sizes from small to large dogs

We do not rely on industrialization, and we are working on handcrafting with craftsmen in the Barcelona area.

Even if the product is the same depending on where the fabric is used, the pattern is slightly different and the pattern is not exactly the same.

We hope that it will be loved for a long time as a one-of-a-kind product together with your beloved pet.

Brand Story

We are Marc and Marta, animal-loving designers who welcomed our first greyhound, Nela, in 2010.

At that time, it was not possible to find dog supplies for Nela that fit her lifestyle, and either very basic products or extravagant and expensive products were available.

We searched for materials to make a collar for Nela and, with the help of Marc's grandmother, a lifelong seamstress, shaped the first model.

After being a huge success with friends, family and people on the street, we looked for any supplier that could make a high quality, professional product. We then set out to create a brand that combines our profession with our passion and passion for animals.

10 years after launching the online store in 2012, we continue to provide the highest quality pet goods.

Harness for large dogs

Unique designs such as geometric patterns, paisley patterns, and artistic colors are characteristic. There are many fabrics with limited designs.

The martingale collar with a wide collar is recommended for hound breeds with long necks.

The wide width makes it difficult to slip out of the neck, and it is gentle on the neck, so it is popular with dogs other than hounds.

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Spain and Japan are two countries about 10,000 kilometers apart on earth.

We are proud to be able to overcome this distance and provide new value and experiences to our customers and their beloved dogs.

Please enjoy this charm.

Japan regular import agency: WORLDBAREN