Summer review campaign


Thank you for visiting the Brott barcelona Japan official website.

A summer review campaign will be held for customers who have purchased the product!

[Holding period]

July 1 (Fri) - July 31 (Sun), 2022


We will present a 500 yen off coupon to everyone who has posted a review on a product that has purchased Brott products in the past .

(Regardless of the date of purchase, customers who have purchased in the past are eligible)

Customers who purchased at exhibitions other than our online shop are also eligible.

Regardless of the number of reviews posted, the coupon gift during the campaign will be limited to once per person.

[How to post a review]

①Go to the product detail page for which you want to post a review.

② Scroll down and click Write a review comment

③Evaluation, nickname, email address *Private (required), enter comments

Reference image (PC)

Post a review

④ Click "Submit" and you're done!

It will be very helpful for other customers to choose the product size if you can give us your impression including the dog's neck circumference, weight, purchase size, etc.


*E-mail address is not disclosed, but it is required for contacting coupon issuance.
*The coupon will be sent to your registered email address within 2 business days after reviewing the review.
* Coupons have an expiration date. One time only.
* Only purchasers of Brott products can post reviews.
*You cannot post multiple reviews for one product.
* Only products currently on sale are eligible.
* Please note that we may delete reviews that are deemed false or inappropriate .

Please let us know your wonderful voices, such as the feeling of wearing and your favorite points ♪

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