Style and Characteristics of the Italian Greyhound


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So, this time, we will delve deeper into the charms of Itagure-chan and Itagure-kun.

I would be happy if I could tell you even a little bit about the charm of the dog breed.

italian greyhound style

The Italian Greyhound is an attractive small dog that combines intelligence and elegance.

Slender and supple body, graceful gait, long thin neck, large nose and eyes, soft and shiny coat.

The average shoulder height is about 32-38 cm, and the weight is about 3-5 kg.

The Italian Greyhound has a cute and stylish image.

In fact, its unique form and characteristic facial features are very attractive just by looking at them.

It is one of the smallest sighthounds (visual dog breeds), and its slender body and unique features make it stand out from other dog breeds at a glance.

In addition to their beautiful appearance, they are also very affectionate and patient, making them an attractive breed to live with.

cute itagre

how to take care of an italian greyhound

Italian Greyhounds have their roots as hunting dogs, so although they look fragile, they require a moderate amount of exercise.

Daily walks and regular dog runs and playtime are also preferable.

Since it is a small dog breed, it is necessary to be careful not to jump from a high place or exercise for a long time.

Italian Greyhounds are friendly and social, and are loyal and affectionate to their owners.

Depending on the individual, some children have a shy personality, and some children are especially wary and fearful at first, especially in new environments and strangers.

In order to reduce stress, it is important to start training from an early age so that children can gradually get used to places and people they do not know.

Of course, the amount of exercise and personality differ depending on the personality.

Let's try to keep in mind the proper care and relationship that suits the child.

History and Origin of the Italian Greyhound

The origin of the Italian Greyhound dates back to ancient Egypt.

This breed is known as a royal dog owned by noble people, and its beautiful appearance makes it appear in many works of art and literature.

The small Italian greyhound is descended from the small greyhounds that already existed in the Pharaoh's court in ancient Egypt. Numerous vase and vessel drawings show that the breed arrived in Italy in the early 5th century BC via Laconia (Greece).
Source: Japan Kennel Club

Italian Greyhounds were very popular in 16th-century Italy. In particular, it was fashionable for women to draw portraits while hugging Itagure.

From ancient times to the present, the Italian Greyhound has been loved by many people for its beauty and grace.

And even today, its beauty and charm continue to be loved by many people.


best collar for italian greyhound

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There are three sizes of martingale collars.

The size for Itagure corresponds to MGP or MGW.
(We also have MGG and MGXL sizes for large dogs)

The width is as wide as 4 cm, and the collar tightens when pulled, so even if the neck and head are long and narrow, the collar will not come off easily and can be used safely.

Easy to put on, just slip it over your head.

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We offer fashionable patterns of Spanish design that complement their beauty.

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Were you able to fully enjoy the elegance and loveliness of Itagre?

We hope that this article will provide you with an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the history, characteristics, and breeding of Italian Greyhounds, and to build stronger bonds with them.

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