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Some owners may be worried that the collar is too heavy for their dog.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce in detail the weight of the collar and harness that we recommend for each weight of your dog!

The main cause of burden on the dog's neck is the act of pulling, not the weight.

If you choose the right collar size and just wear a collar that is a little heavy, it won't put a lot of strain on your dog's neck.

However, if your dog has a habit of pulling, the neck will be strained regardless of the weight of the collar.

Please let the owner decide which is better, a collar or a harness, based on the dog's personality and whether it is well trained for walking.

Especially for brachycephalic dogs (pugs, French bulldogs, etc.), it is recommended to use a harness instead of a collar because it is easy to put a strain on the neck.

What percentage of the dog's weight does the Brott collar/harness weigh?

Brott's collar/harness weight and ratio to dog's weight are as follows. Just for reference.

About collar weight

size and recommended weight

collar weight

Percentage (weight in percent of body weight)

XS size (1.5~3.0kg)

about 38g

about 1.3%

S size (around 6kg)

about 50g

about 0.8%

M size (around 11kg)

about 98g

about 0.9%

L size (around 30kg)

about 163g

about 0.5%

XL size (around 50kg)

about 190g

about 0.4%

* Weight is calculated using the average for each corresponding dog breed.

The weight on the neck is about 1.3% of the body weight in XS size for small dogs such as Chihuahuas.

In addition, collars from S to XL weigh less than 1% of body weight.

Many of the collars sold in Japan are made of plastic, so it feels light.

So when you pick up a Brott collar with an aluminum buckle, it might feel a little heavy, but it's actually not that heavy.

About harness weight

size and recommended weight

collar weight

Percentage (weight in percent of body weight)

XXS size (1.5~3.0kg)

about 40g

about 1.3%

S size (around 6kg)

about 100g

about 1.6%

M size (around 11kg)

about 140g

about 1.2%

L size (around 30kg)

about 220g

about 0.5%

XL size (around 50kg)

about 280g

about 0.4%

* Weight is calculated using the average for each corresponding dog breed.

The weight of the XXS size is almost the same as that of a collar, but from S size onwards it becomes heavier.

However, since the harness can be supported by the body and dispersed, it is a product that puts less strain on the dog's body than a collar.

Recommended for owners who are worried about the burden on their dog's neck.

Advantages of heavy collars and harnesses

Collars and harnesses sold by Brott are slightly heavier than other products due to the use of high-quality aluminum for the buckles and wider widths.

But there are many benefits to that as well.

highly durable

Heavy collars are often well-built.

It would be nice to have the recognition that "heavy collar = long life".

Common collars and harnesses have plastic buckles. Plastic is lightweight but not very durable.

Even if high-quality leather or nylon is used for the main part of the collar or harness, the buckle part will break, so it may break even if you do not use it for a long time.

In addition, although it is relatively easy to notice damage to leather or nylon, if the small buckle is slightly missing or cracked, there are cases where you use it without noticing it.

Collars and harnesses can come off suddenly and lead to accidents during walks, so use durable products.

Less burden

There is a product called "Martingale Collar" in Brott's collar.

This collar is designed with a width of 4 cm to 5 cm, which is considerably wider than a typical collar. The wide width makes it a little heavier, but the burden on the neck is distributed and there is no local tightening.

It is especially recommended for dog breeds with long necks such as greyhounds and itagure, but it is also widely used by general dog breeds.

In the case of lightweight collars, many products are narrow, so the burden is concentrated only on the part where the collar hits.

When choosing a collar, it is easy to judge that it will put a burden on your dog just because it is heavy. .

Stay safe with durable collars and harnesses

Some pet owners may have a bad image of heavy collars and harnesses just because they are heavy, but they actually have many benefits and can be used with peace of mind.

Please use different collars and harnesses depending on the breed of your dog and enjoy walking and going out safely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us .

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